HCS 2021-2022 Theme

Our theme for this school year is “Well on my way”.  This year we are talking in our Bible classes and weekly chapel services about how we can be “Well on my way” to what God has planned for us.  Our big theological word for that is “sanctification”.  In more simple terms, it means that we are called to become more and more like Jesus in character (Philippians 2:5).  Jesus' characteristics of love, compassion peace and truth are things that we are called be and exemplify.   If we have accepted God's gift of eternal life, we are well on our way!  We are called to actively participate in the process of sanctification.  We are also called to bring people with us.  We can disciple and mentor people as we are well on our way (Matthew 5:16).

Take a look at this song that inspired our theme and take in the cover image of our bulletin board where we are “driving closer to Jesus” as we are well on our way.

Check out the full picture of the bulletin board here: